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Welcome to the New Home of Eastside Basketball Club!

Eastside Basketball Club provides elite training and coaching for girls and boys participating on our Amateur Athletic Union teams and for all individual players. EBC's top level training offers specialized skill development in all areas of the game by experienced trainers and coaches. In addition to our on court development programs, EBC puts an emphasis on the discipline of having a healthy body, mind and spirit.

EBC's on court development consists of intense physical training combined with high level instruction. Our goal is to assure that our players are mentally and physically conditioned on the game of basketball. We preach that players are always in "game-mode" by practicing at game speed to prepare them to make natural movements and decisions during competition. We believe in steady growth and future development; Your son or daughter will learn how to play the game of basketball the right way with the skills to benefit them for future teams and coaches at the next level of their playing careers.

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“My son Hunter loves working with the coaches at EBC. He has received the best coaching and mentoring from Coach Nick! Hunter was not a natural athlete, but Coach Nick has done a fantastic job working with him to help strengthen his skills, keep him inspired him focus on teamwork. In other words, they assessed his skills and needs and made sure that both were addressed. They also have a terrific focus on actively teaching the qualities that comprise sportsmanship (teamwork, persistence, setting goals, etc.). Best place around to bring kids of all ages! My son is always excited to attend!”

Erik Paulson

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